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Painting Prices & Commission Information
Please look at the main page for a selection of painted arrmies and models for Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Warhammer 40k and also Warhammer Ancient Battles, there you will find gallery pages that contain examples of our painted work and a selection of models that have been painted to order of supplied ready for Ebay.

If you like what you have seen in the galleries and would like us to paint some figures for you, this page will give you all the information you need. I have set out below the way we work, along with some idea of figure prices. If you would like to take advantage of our painting commission service, please ensure that you are happy with these terms and conditions before you contact us.

So, a typical commission goes something like this:-

You contact us, request what you would like painting.
We will then email you with details for any clarifications if necessary, enabling us to give you a firm quote and a estimate of timescale's.
You accept the quote by sending a 25% deposit, plus either the figures or full payment for us to order them.
We send you photographs of the painted figure(s) and an invoice for the outstanding amount.
You pay the outstanding balance via cash, paypal or cheque.
When the payment has cleared, we send the figures to you.

All prices quoted include preparation, painting, a textured base and varnish. Prices exclude the cost of the figures unless requested, postage and insurance charges. The prices shown below are guide prices only and will vary depending on individual requirements.

Regiments of figures are painted to a high wargaming standard, though not every figure will receive the same level of detail that a character model would receive. Prices are between £4 and £10 per Foot Troop, between £10 and £20 per Mounted Troop. We can accept pre-prepared figures, with an appropriate discount applied, However all figures must not be undercoated.

Individual figures vary in price, from £10 upwards. These could be characters, such as heroes, or you may want a regiment or squad painted to a very high level. Larger figures, such as Vehicles, War Machines, Giants, Dragons etc, generally start at around £25.

If you have anymore questions please feel free to drop us an email, or contact us on the Studio telephone number 01623 480841.



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