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We have hundreds of new pictures to be listed of current and previous commissions and have lots of new models also in the painting process. We will update the website again soon so keep your eyes peeled!!!

If you have a idea for a project? even a single figure then get in touch for a quote.


Games Workshop Daemon Prince
Roboute Gulliman

Don't forget if there is something you require painting please drop us a line?

Converted Ghorgon
Blood Angel Storm Raven Gunship

Don't for get to checkout the new Gallery sections we have lots more pictures of both 40k and Fantasy Battle commissions.

Painting & Commission News

Wow have we been busy!!! Take a look at all the new projects we have been working on over the last few months.

We have been painting more than ever and the list of converted models just keeps growing bigger, we have lots of new models for you take a look at so have a peek in the gallerys to see whats new.

We have also started painting privateer Press Warmachine & Hordes so keep your eyes peeled for them too!

Orky Tau Tanks
Rogal dorn
BaneBlade Super Heavy Tank
Blood Angel Stormbird Gunship


Wargaming & Product News

We are the best supplier for painted wargaming products online.

If there is a model or army you want painting then drop us a line for a great quote.

Converted Nurgle Plaguebearers ...

The 8th edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battles is released and it is great. To celebrate the release we have gone made painting commissions for Warhammer Fantasy Battles, so have a good look at all the new models in the Warhammer section of the website.


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