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Comments And Customer Feedback
Thank you for your interest in TC Painting Studios. We are committed to providing a high quality, responsive and value for money service and welcome your enquiries, comments and improvement suggestions. Please help us by taking a few moments to tell us your views about this website. We would like to know if there are things you particularly like about it and, how you think we could improve it.

If you are a past customer, we would welcome your comments on the service and products we have provided and would like to post your feedback to the website.

Here are some of the comments we have recieved to date from past customers of the site :

'I previously used another online store for my models and they only gave 10% discount & free delivery. Your deals are much cheaper and will use you in future' Liam, UK

'I recently bought a bunch of unpainted Skaven from TC. I found the response to mail to be excellent, and the staff exceedingly helpful.
The stuff I ordered, was handled carefully, and shipped at once.

I highly recommend TC, and would not hesitate ordering from them again.' Christian, Denmark

'Very satisfied. My wife was so impressed with the model that she has put it in one of her display cabinets, much to everyone elses surprise...... Thanks again for a very smooth transaction. I would recommend you to anyone.' Paul, UK

'Good painting skills, fast delivery, perfect condition when opening the box... Thumbs up guys :)' - Peter, France

'The army u painted for me was absolutely incredible, just received it today and it looks great, will definitely get future armies form u.' - Arthur, UK

'A great website with pictures that represent what you get, very good easy to work, very tempting tau army on sale... seriously considering it... lol' - Sam, UK

‘Without a shadow of a doubt the best army I have ever purchased, I will be back again for another army soon, many thanks again’ - Andy, UK

‘Thank you again for your help in painting me my army, it looks great and I can’t wait to use it’ - Adam, Australia

‘The Hordes models look fantastic, thanks again’ - Christopher, USA

‘Another army painted by TC Painting Studios that’s my 6th Warhammer Army from the Studio, total class service’ - Alex, USA

‘A great job completed within a very tight timescale, fantastic’ - Ben, UK

‘The army looks amazing, thanks again guys for a job well done’ - Craig, Canada

‘A lovely model painted how it should be painted, thank you again’ - Jo, UK

‘A great website that has given me the models I was looking for at a price that is good value for money, I can’t wait to see what you are doing next’ - Jason, UK

‘Having seen the unit that has been painted for me I have no hesitation with you painting the rest of the army, great job’ - Andy, UK

‘The mounted Vampire conversion is simply breath taking, can't wait to see the rest of the army’ - Darren, UK

‘The Dark Elves are fantastic, have you anymore?’ - Dave, Ireland

‘I would like to thank you a lot for painting these figures for me, and I will definitely let you know when I need some more figures painted for me.’ - Dick, Netherlands

‘The figures arrived no problems; speak to you soon for some more figures to be commissioned’ - Jeff, Belgium

‘The Tau are amazing, can I send you the rest of the army to be painted?’ - Kevin, UK

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